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Game boy
Sega megadrive
Sony PlayStation 3
Sony PlayStation 4
PSP, PS Vita, PS2
Xbox 360, Xbox One
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Коды игр

Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Доступ ко всем уровням:
На экране выбора уровня, удерживая вверх на втором джойстике,
нажмите на первом джойстике: Start, Select, Select, квадрат.

Бесконечные патроны:
Во время паузы нажимайте:
R1, круг, L1, квадрат, круг, R1, вправо, вправо, круг, вправо.
Capcom Generations Vol 5
Game Shark Codes:
Unlock All Secrets 80148176 0020
801481AA 0020
801481DE 0020
Unlock Sound Remix Mode 80148142 0020
Unlock Club Battle Mode 80148144 0020
Captain Commando
Special running attack:
Press and hold the D-pad twice in the same direction to run. Jump
and attack while running to do a special attack that does more
damage without using energy.  
Casper 2
Коды для уровней:
01 - b3c4
02 - ll12
03 - 634p
04 - x158
05 - typ3
06 - 18kw
07 - vn7z
08 - abma
09 - n388
10 - w3c
12 - 3prc
13 - 1l90
14 - tads
15 - l356
16 - mkzl
17 - 9999
Chocobo Racing
In Grand Prix mode, play until you get a choice
between two classes, Chocobo class and Behemoth
class. Beat every stage in first place to get the
crown for that stage, in that class. Once all the
crowns for both classes (this includes the FF 8
track) are won, Bahamut class will become
available. Get all the crowns in bahamut class
(including the FF 8 track) and mirror mode becomes
available at the option screen. Mirror mode
flip-flops the tracks so that they are opposite
thier normal counterparts. Imagine, Fantasia was
tough enough already, nowtry it mirrored!
Colin McRae Rally 3
Bonus code 1432 cheats
Here are the cheats for games with the bonus code 1432.

Code - Result:
KEZIPE - All parts
LPGXUE - Super Focus
FMGUOT - All cars
UXNKFB - All difficulties
RVNUUR - All tracks
VURCNU - Baja Buggy
ZSSDBU - Battle Tank
NXDLLB - Hovercraft
Bonus code 1866 cheats

Code - Result:
BKQBAU - Hovercraft
PFKCXQ - RC cars
WSNBSB - Super Focus
OQJHOK - All cars
FHPIWQ - All parts
ODIFCS - All tracks
LWXEIF - Battle tank
Crash Bandicoot 2
Extra shield.
When Crash dies, press Up and Circle. When
he reappears, he will be equipped with a
voodoo mask. This may take a few tries.

Return Bouts.
If you want to fight the bosses again(?!)stand
on the relevant pad and press
L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle and then tap Up.
This may also take afew tries.

Bonus Lives.
In the second warp room(level 6-10),jump on
the baby polar bears head a few times for ten
exta lives (this may have no effect. If this is
so, step on it,then jump and smash it.) (O,X)
AceCombat 2
Free mission mode:
Complete the Kingpin mission. A "Free Mission"
option that allows any mission to be played will
appear at the opening menu.

View all aircraft:
Complete the game with a rank of General. A new
option will allow all aircraft to be viewed.

Lock replay view:
Hold Square during a replay to lock the camera.

Alternate mission map view:
Highlight the "Mission" option on the mission
selection screen, and press Select. Three new
viewing angles may be selected.

Display rear view of Sony analog controller:
Press Select at the control configuration

XFA-27 fighter:
Complete the game under normal difficulty. Play
the game again under hard difficulty and reach
the low altitude surprise attack mission
(Dead End). Locate and destroy the four YF-23As
in the special Fox Force Four squadron south of
the target. A medal and the XFA-27 will be
awarded on the debriefing screen.
Ape Escape
Saving your life:
When you fall off a cliff press start and then exit
then you will go to the time station with the same
amount of lives before you fell of the cliff.
Collect more explosive bullets:

Pause the game and press R2, Down, L2, Up, Right,
Down, Right, Left to collect up to 99 explosive
Ape Escape 2
Play as Spike:
Successfully complete the game after finding all 297 monkeys. Highlight "New Game" at the main menu, then press L1 + Start to play as Spike from the original Ape Escape.
To wear a different costume, at the Warrior Select screen highlight a character
and press R1 to change.
Baseball 2000
 Home Team Score Modifier
800798A4 00??

Away Team Score Modifier
800798A6 00??

Infinite Creation Points
801EB3F8 004F

Infinite Strikes
30078D2E 0000

1 Strike And You Are Out
D0078D2E 0000
30078D2E 0002

2 Strikes And You Are Out
D0078D2E 0000
30078D2E 0001

Infinite Balls
30078D2F 0000

1 Ball And You Walk
D0078D2E 0000
30078D2F 0003
Batman Begins
Все фильмы и интервью:
Пройдите полностью всю игру.

Костюм участника общественной компании:
Завершите игру на любой сложности.

Костюм Темного Рыцаря:
Завершите игру на любой сложности.

Все в "Галереи страха":
Пройдите полностью всю игру.

Две бэтмобиль миссии:
Пройдите полностью всю игру.

Костюм лучшего мирового детектива:
Завершите игру на любой сложности.
You must have a 2.1 or higher vers.
of the Game Shark.

Infinite Glaive
Infinite Scatter Gun
Infinite Money
Max Serum
Max Armor
Max Ammo
Max Kung Fu
Max Sword
BloodRayne 2
Зайдите в меню Extras затем cheat или во время игры
вводите следующие чит коды:
CARGO FIRE IMP KAK - получить 1000 единиц за резню
LATE NURTURE QWEEF SUPER - получить 1000 единиц за оружие
BLANK UGLY PUSTULE EATER - все параметры по максимуму
NAKED JUGGY RESISTANCE PACY - утолить жажду крови
BLUE GREEN PURPLE IMP - заморозить врагов
DODGE THIS MOIST PIMP - Gratuitous Dismemberment
WHACK THIS MOLESTED NINJA - получить все патроны
UGLY DARK HEATED ORANGE QUAFF - бесконечные патроны
PIMP REAP DARK DARK MUSE - бесконечная ярость
RAYNE RULES - показать сообщение
MAJESCO RULES - показать сообщение
TERMINAL REALITY - показать сообщение
HORNY FLUKE MOIST NAKED RAYNE - показать сообщение
HORNY QWEEF MOIST NAKED RAYNE - показать сообщение

Внимание: Пробелы в чит кодах вводить не обязательно.
Game shark codes:
Master codes "must be on"

Unlock Survival

Infinity credits

Unlock all cars

Unlock all tracks
Burnout 2
Fast start:
At the countdown, when the view is at the back of your
car, hold X. Then, tap Square while holding X and smoke
should start coming out of your tires. Keep holding X.
A split second before "GO!" appears, release X and
immediately press it again. This should give you a boost.
Dark Cloud
Зайдите в "divine" пещеру зверя и возьмите много "prickly fishing
bate" продайте их, и получите много денег.
Dark Summit
To get Slow Motion Mode you must Hold the Back + Start
button and press Y, X, B, L Now you can press L + R
in the air for slow motion.

To shoot barrel you must hold the Back + Start button
and press Y, X, B, R.

Unlock alien:
To get Alien unlocked you must hold the Back + Start
button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, X.

All boarders:
To get all boarders unlocked you must hold the
Back + Start button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, B

Challenges finished:
To get challenges finished you must hold the
Back + Start button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, Y.

More points:
To get more points you must hold the Back + Start
button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, A.
Dead or Alive
Fight Ayane:
To fight against Ayane, you must defeat Kasumi in
under 5 minutes.
Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore
Big heads:
First, beat the game with any girl. Then at the
start screen, press and hold X, Circle, Square,
Triangle, and Up.
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
Service Medals Online Mode
Online you have to do specific task to get medals

Bronze Star - Making 1,000 Kills
Combat Medical Badge - Saving 3 temmates lives as a medic
Delta Cross - Make 10 Knife 10 kills
Distinguished Service Cross - 5 hours of playing online
Headhunters Medal - Making 5 Headshots
Hill Giant Medal - 10 Minutes on Hill
Infantry Badge - Making 50 Kills
Meritorious Service Medal - Win 10 out of 20 games
Purple Heart - Being Saved 5 times by a Medic
Devil May Cry
In Devil May Cry on any level you can simply push
select and choose save. Then go to reset and say
yes and exit to the title screen, then load your
game and you will of course repeat the same level
again, but you will have all of your red orbs
that you have collected from killing the bad guys.
The best thing to do is fight someone like the
phantom. Then after when you have collected your
400 or 500 red orbs press select and choose save.
Then choose reset and load your game and keep on
repeating until you have enough orbs as you want
(I would say about 15,000-20,000 recommended).
Frankly I would get enough were you should buy as
many red and purple orbs so you can be pretty much
Dragon Ball Z: Legends
999% in Z Campaign Mode:
Hold Select + Triangle + Square + X when the
Z ranking screen is displayed at the end of
an episode. Let go of the buttons, then press
Up or Down to change the Z rank. Raise the Z rank to 999% to view the special ending.
Dynasty Warriors
Characters from other kingdoms:
Finishing Musou Mode with any character from each default kingdom will
unlock the following characters from other kingdoms.
Yuan Chao - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo
Lu Bu - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo
Meng Huo - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo
Zhang Jiao - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo
Zhu Rong - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo
Diao Chan - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo
Dong Zhuo - Finish Musou Mode with Dong Zhuo

Sound Test:
Complete the game with 1 character from each kingdom to unlock
Sound Test in the Option menu.

Unlock Wu: Zhou Tai - Huang Gai - Lu Meng
Complete Musou mode with Sun Jian.

Unlock Wu: Sun Jian - Sun Ce - Sun Quan
Complete Musou mode with any default Wu character.

Unlock Wu: Da Qiao - Xiao Qiao
Complete Musou mode with Sun Ce.

Unlock Wei: Zhang He - Zhang Liao - Xu Huang
Complete Musou mode with Cao Cao.

Unlock Wei: Cao Cao - Cao Ren - Sima Yi
Complete Musou mode with any default Wei character.

Unlock Shu: Zhuge Liang - Lui Bei - Pang Tong
Complete Musou mode with any default Shu character.

Unlock Shu: Jiang Wei - Huang Zhong - Wei Yan
Complete Musou mode with Liu Bei.

Unlock Other: Yuan Shao - Dong Zhuo
Complete Musou mode once with one character from each kingdom.
Dynasty Warriors 2

Find a save point in the game (even if you
don't have a memory card). When the computer
asks you if you want to save you can either
save or decline the option. Once you return
to the game you will have all of your health
Вводите как VIP имя:
PhatBank - получить 1000000 криб очков
CribMax - получить все криб вещи
jizzief - открыть все
EyeToy: Play
Extra Tracks
Platform: Playstation 2

Achieve a high score in Boogie Down and unlock extra tracks to dance to.

All Games
Platform: Playstation 2

At the game selection screen, press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, L1, L2, L1, L2 to unlock all games.
F1 2001
Дополнительный ролик:
Получите все трофеи в игре для того, чтобы разблокировать новый ролик в меню Player Review.
FA Premier League Football Manager 2000
European Datel Code: Requires a Datel Action Replay cartridge.
Start game with 100,000,000 8010744E 05F6
FIFA Street
Pause game play, then hold L + Y and press Up, Left, Down(2), Right, Down, Up, Left.
All apparel and footwear
Hold L + Y and press Right(2), Left, Up(3), Down, Left at the main menu.
Normal size players:
Pause game play, then hold L + Y and press Right (2), Up , Down (2), Left , Right , Left .
Fight Night 2004
В главном меню вводите:
Огромные головы:
влево, вправо, влево, вправо, влево, вправо, влево
Маленькие игроки:
С главного меню перейдите в Play Now, затем нажимайте:
влево, вправо, влево, вправо, влево
Final Fantasy
To get unlimited money, go to the 1st town (Mancharia) and go in to the top
right corner house. Press the "X" button (which allows you to get things)
when in front of the clock. This will give you the bank card. Use the
bank card to its maximum and so that the sellers say you have no money to
spend. Then go back to where you found the card and hit "X" again. This
will give you a bank card that says you have $0.00 but you can have
unlimited purchases. This trick is very valuable to keep up with all the new
weopons and armor in the different towns. Make sure it doesn't
get stolen by the Flying Dragons or you will then have to collect money
from battles in order to use it.
Final Fantasy 10
Game shark codes:
Master code "must be on"
Al Bhed is fully translated
Unlimited Gil
Easy money:
Run over obstacles to get extra money (for example, beams on construction sites and wooden fences).
Try not to finish in last place. You still get bonus money if you are in fourth through seventh place.

Cheat mode:
Select the "Create Profile" option, then enter one of the following names : The name entered will disappear to confirm correct code entry. You may then enter the profile name of your choice, or select an existing one. Only one code can be entered at a time.

GIVEALL - All Bonuses
RAGDOLL - Disable Cheats
GIVECASH - More money

Nitro boost:
To earn an easy nitro boost, do not try to plow through lots of big heavy objects on the side of the road. This only slows you down and you might get stuck in it. Instead, look for cones lining the track and hit those small cardboard boxes. Also signs are good to run through. These objects do not slow you down, and will earn nitro. Also, if you are going to slam into junk on a turn, try and slide sideways into it. You more or less will slide or bounce of it, losing less speed and you will not get stuck. This also works well with roadside fences, where you can just rub up on them and knock them down sideways instead of ramming through them directly.
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
L, R, Triangle, L, R, Circle, L, R - receive $250,000
Square, Square, R, X, X, L, Circle, Circle - Aggressive drivers
L, Up, Left, R, Triangle, Circle, Down, X - Better handling vehicles
Down, Down, Down, Circle, Circle, X, L, R - Big head mode
Circle, Circle, R1, Triangle, L1, Square, Square - Black traffic
Circle, Right, X, Up, Right, X, L1, Square - Change moto tire size
Triangle, R1, L1, Down, Down, R1, R1, Triangle - Chrome traffic
Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, L, R - Clear weather
L, L, Left, L, L, Right, X, Square - Destroy all cars
Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up, L, L - Drive on water
L, R, Circle, L, R, X, L, R - Extra armor
L, L, Left, L, L, Right, Circle, X - Faster game time
R, R, L, R, R, L, Down, X - Faster gameplay
L, R, X, L, R, Square, L, R - Full health
L, L, R, L, L, R, Up, Triangle - Pedestrians attack you
Down, Down, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, L, R - Pedestrians follow you
R, R, L, R, R, L, Right, Circle - Pedestrians have weapons
L, L, R, L, L, R, Left, Square - Pedestrians riot
L, L, Left, L, L, Right, Square, Triangle - Random pedestrian costumes
R, Triangle, X, R, Square, Circle, Left, Right - Slower gameplay
L, L, Left, L, L, Right, Triangle, Circle - Spawn Rhino
Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, L1, L1 - Spawn Trashmaster
Triangle, Triangle, R, Square, Square, L, X, X - Green traffic lights
L, R, L, R, Up, Down, L, R - View game credits
L, L, Triangle, R, R, X, Square, Circle - Wanted level disabled
L, R, Square, L, R, Triangle, L, R - Increased wanted level
Up, Square, Square, Down, Left, Square, Square, Right - Weapons (tier 1)
Up, Circle, Circle, Down, Left, Circle, Circle, Right - Weapons (tier 2)
Up, X, X, Down, Left, X, X, Right - Weapons (tier 3)

Run longer:
Instead of holding X to run, repeatedly tap it.

No money loss when busted:
Successfully complete the Avenging Angels missions on Staunton Island.

Exceed garage limit:
Get a motorcycle and park it against the garage door.
Jump off, and after the garage door opens, quickly press Triangle
to get back on and press X to drive it in before the door closes again.
With a car, keep pushing it towards the garage door until it opens,
then keep pushing it until it is inside.
Gretzky NHL 2006
Create a player and enter Wayne Gretzky as a case-sensitive name to unlock all bonuses
Hitman 2
Cheat mode:
Make a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "hitman2.ini" file in the game folder. Add the line "EnableCheats 1" (case-sensitive) to the bottom of the file. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes during game play : Note: Do not type the codes too quickly or they will not be recognized.

Result - Code:
Toggle God mode (US keyboard) - IOIRULEZ
Toggle God mode (European keyboard) - IOIRULEY
All weapons and items - IOIGIVES
Full ammunition - IOIEQPWEAP
Refill health - IOIHITLEIF
Toggle slow motion enemy death - IOISLO
Toggle bomb mode - IOIER
Enable punching - IOIHITALI
Toggle lethal mode - IOILEPOW
Toggle gravity - IOIGRV
All guns act as nail guns - IOINGUN
Toggle megastrength weapons - IOIPOWER
Jak 3 
После того как вы найдете wastelanders перед штормом и он будет мертв,
вы получите большого робота. Как избежать нападения wip - вскочите на
песочную акулу и wips не сможет вас повредить.
(вы будете должны следить за лазерами которыми он стреляет)
Father Mosquito:
Enable the "Mother Mosquito" code. Then, hold L2 and
press Up, Right, Left, Down, Square(2), R2(3) at the
character selection screen.
2 player mini game:
Hold Start + Select on controller 2 after turning on
the system. Press Square to move forward, X to jump
and Triangle when the power meter is full to do a
super attack.
Mother Mosquito:
Hold L1 and press Up, Right, Left, Down, Square(2),
R1(3) at the character selection screen.
В меню, удерживая L1 нажимайте следующие клавиши:
У врагов большие головы:
круг, квадрат, Х, круг, круг
Мощное оружие:
круг, треугольник, круг, треугольник, Х
Открыть все видеоролики:
круг, квадрат, треугольник, круг, квадрат
Открыть все уровни:
Когда вы создаете новый профиль,то введите вместо своего имени "Shooterman"
чтобы открыть все уровни. Чтобы это сработало вы должны начать новую
игру в одиночной игре.
Стрелять тремя дробями из дробовика:
При использовании дробовика вы имеете два режима стрельбы:
1. Когда вы стреляете одной дробью.
2. Когда вы стреляете двумя дробями.
Если вы объедините эти режимы,то будете стрелять тремя дробями одновременно.
Используйте это на группы врагов.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
Infinite money or items
Go to any location that you can exit and re-enter easily with money or reusable items (health packs, bars, etc.) that can be picked up. Keep leaving and entering the screen. The money or item will still be there each time.

Handstand on ledge
Hang from a ledge, then press Up and L1, L2, R1, R2. Lara will do a hanstand on the ledge.

Backflip grab
Back up to a ledge, then hold L1 and press X.

Somersault down
Press Triangle to crawl while facing a ledge, then press Left Analog-stick Forward.

Backflip onto ledge
To do a backflip onto the ledge, walk back so your heels are on the ledge. Hold L1 + X. Tap Left Analog-stick Away and Lara will do a backflip onto the ledge (in most places).

Army crawl
Press Triangle + Forward to crawl, then while crawling hold L2 and keep going.
Hold L1 + Left Analog-stick Up, then press Circle.
Dive into water
Face a ledge that is over water, then hold L1 and press X.
Underwater 180
Press Square while swimming underwater
Easy weapon selection
While playing a game, press R1 to activate your weapon. Press Up or Down on the D-pad to cycle through your weapons as needed. This is faster than going through the select menu.
Fire more rapidly with shotgun or handguns
Instead of holding Action to fire, quickly tap it repeatedly. Lara will shoot the weapon much faster, making it easier to eliminate targets.
Get gas masks early
Stand directly in front of the cabinet and press Triangle (Crouch). When the hand appears, press X (Action). If done correctly, Lara should reach through the door while crouched and grab a gas mask. This may also work in other places.
Legend of Dragoon
Game Shark Codes:
Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System
D01BF172 1040
801BF172 1000
D00FAA36 1040
800FAA36 1000

Max Gold
800B995C 967F
800B995E 0098

One Fight For Max Gold
800BB620 FFFF

One Fight For Max Exp
800BB65C 423F
800BB65E 000F

Play Time is 00:00
800B9968 0000
800B996A 0000

Save Anywhere 30059068 0001
All Weapons (Caetla Users Only)
B0FF0001 0001
300B9AB0 0000
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Pause during game play and enter the following. A sound will confirm correct
code entry.

Perfect mode:
Hold L + R and press B, Down, Y, A.
Note: Game must be completed before this code can be active.

All attack upgrades:
Hold L + R and press Up, Down, Y, X.
Note: Game must be completed before this code can be active.

Hold L + R and press X, B, X, Up.
Note: Game must be completed before this code can be active.

Full health:
Hold L + R and press X(2), B(2).
Note: Game must be completed before this code can be active.

Unlimited missile weapons:
Hold L + R and press X(2), Down, B.

Always devastating:
Hold L + R and press Y, Up, Y, Down.
Note: Game must be completed before this code can be active.

Target indicator:
Hold L + R and press Down, B, Up, X.
Note: Game must be completed before this code can be active.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Начните новую миссию и нажмите Start чтобы установить игру на паузу
затем удерживая нажатыми L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 вводите следующие коды:
треугольник, вниз, X, вверх - восстановить здоровье
X, вниз, треугольник, вверх - восстановить патроны
X, вниз(3) - получить 1000 единиц опыта
круг, вправо, круг, вправо - умения уровня 2
треугольник, вверх, треугольник, вверх - умения уровня 4
квадрат, влево, квадрат, влево - умения уровня 6
X(2), вниз(2) - умения уровня 8
треугольник, квадрат, X, круг - неуязвимость
квадрат, круг, X, треугольник - бесконечные ракеты
квадрат(2), круг(2) - разрушающие атаки
треугольник, круг, треугольник, круг - апгрейды всех ударов
треугольник(2), X(2) - маленькие враги
треугольник, круг, X, квадрат - медленное движение
В главном меню есть пункт Cheats, чтобы получить доступ к нему,
нужно пройти соответствующие уровни игры в режиме Hardcore.

Urunfast - пройдя 1 и 2 уровни, получите доступ к "режим бега"
Allreaf - 3 и 4 - "тихий режим"
Healback - 5 и 6 - "Regeneration"
Theyboom - 7 и 8 - "Helium hunters"
Udotarms - 9 и 10 - полная амуниция
Uhithard - 11 и 12 - более сильный персонаж
Bunysuit - 13 и 14 - костюм кролика
Hellsuit - 15 и 16 - костюм обезьяны
Evileyes - 17 и 18 - невидимость
Piggsuit - 19 и 20 - костюм поросенка

Мини-игра "Обезьяна видит, Обезьяна убивает!" (Monkey See, Monkey Die!):
Пройдите уровни с 11 по 15 с рейтингом три звезды или выше,
чтобы разблокировать эту мини-игру.

Отстреливать замки:
Если у вас есть пушка(любое огнестрельное оружие),
то вы можете отстреливать замки, которые обычно требуют
ломик(crowbar), чтобы их открыть.

Уровень "Пасть Безумия" (Mouth Madness). Бонусный предмет:
В этом уровне вы должны убить охотника в платье и улыбающейся
маске (smiley hunter) и принести его тело в комнату охраны.
Казните этого охотника и убедитесь, что его голова отрезана.
НЕ ПРИНОСИТЕ его тело в комнату охраны. Только голову.
В заставке будет изменение: вы будете входить с одной головой.
Режиссер (Старквезер) скажет: "За то, что ты принес голову,
я оставлю тебе маленький подарок в следующей локации".
Осмотритесь в поисках неизвестной вещи.

Мини-игра "Hard as Nails":
Успешно закончите уровни с 1 по 5 с рейтингом три звезды или более,
чтобы разблокировать эту мини-игру.

Чтобы легко зарабатывать рейтинг пять звезд в режиме Hardcore,
пройдите игру в режиме Fetish. Затем разрешите неуязвимость. Вы станете
непобедимым. Зайдите в режим Hardcore и казните каждого. Если вас увидят,
бегите в тень, казните их и бегите к следующему уровню.

Мини-игра "Время Умирать" (Time 2 Die):
Пройдите уровни с 16 по 20 с рейтингом три звезды или выше,
чтобы разблокировать эту мини-игру.
MDK 2: Armageddon
While the game is paused press L1 and R1. This
code removes the Pause Menu, giving you an
unobstructed view of the spinning Matrix Camera
Mode while the game is paused.
Medal of Honor
From the option screen choose "password" then enter
any of these codes into the enigma machine
(these codes work in multiplayer mode.)

Unlock wolfgang:
Put in hoodup as your code
Unlock bis mark:
Put in woofwoof as your code

Unlock otto:
Put in herrzombie as your code

Unlock noah:
Put in beachball as your code

Unlock von braun:
Put in rocketman as your code

Audie murphy mode (invincibility):
Enter mostmedals as your code

Wide frames:
enter traceron as your code
Infinite Lives - D00F8178 0000 or 800F8178 012C
Press L2 + R2 For Health Restore - D00F192C 0A00
or 800F8174 012C
Press L2 + R2 For Infinite Cash - D00F192C 0A00
or 800F828C 2710
Press Select For Small Sword - D00F192C 1000 or
800F81F4 0000
Press Select For Broad Sword - D00F192C 1000 or
800F81F8 1000
Press Select For Magic Sword - D00F192C 1000 or
800F81FC 0000
Press Select For Club - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8200 1000
Press Select For Hammer - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8204 0000
Press Select For Throwing Dagger - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8208 1000
Press Select For Axe - D00F192C 1000 or
800F820C 0000
Press Select For Chicken Drumstick - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8210 1000
Press Select For Crossbow - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8214 1000
Press Select For Long Bow - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8218 1000
Press Select For Flaming Bow - D00F192C 1000 or
800F821C 1000
Press Select For Magic Bow - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8220 1000
Press Select For Spear - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8224 1000
Press Select For Lightning - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8228 1000
Press Select For Good Lightning - D00F192C 1000 or
800F822C 0000
Press Select For Chaos Rune - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8230 0001
Press Select For Earth Rune - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8234 0001
Press Select For Moon Rune - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8238 0001
Press Select For Star Rune - D00F192C 1000 or
800F823C 0001
Press Select For Time Rune - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8240 0001
Press Select For Copper Shield - D00F192C 1000 or
800F827C 0096
Press Select For Silver Shield - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8280 0096
Press Select For Dragon gems - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8290 1000
Press Select For Dragon armor - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8298 1000
Press Select For witch talesman - D00F192C 1000 or
800F8264 1000
Press Select For Gold shield - D00F192C1000 or
800F8294 1000
Press Select For Shadow artifact - D00F192C 1000 or
800F825C 1000
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
No Damage in Arcade Mode:
Enter ONTHEROAD as a code.

Maximum Nitro:
Enter FILLMEUP as a code.

All Cities Unlocked in Arcade Mode:
Enter ROADTRIP as a code.
Monster Hunter
Коды даются в каждом замке через каждые 10 уровней
(коды вводить без кавычек)

1-ый замок:
11-ый уровень "leapfrog"
21-ый уровень "hopscotch"

2-ой замок:
11-ый уровень "skipstone"
21-ый уровень "livelarge"
31-ый уровень "polevault"
41-ый уровень "booyah"

3-ий замок:
11-ый уровень "lumparound"
21-ый уровень "transporter"
31-ый уровень "peoplemover"
41-ый уровень "speedracer"
51-ый уровень "penultimate"  

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